IMMI for Calculating Aircraft Noise

IMMI's aircraft noise module was developed specifically for the requirements of aircraft noise prediction

The noise characteristics of aircraft noise cause short but high level peaks, which can cause sleep disturbances for affected residents in the vicinity of airports. IMMI meets the requirements of the German Federal Environment Agency for a program for the calculation of noise protection areas at airports according to ECAC.CEAC.Doc. 29.


Features of the Aircraft Noise Module

  • Support of German (AzB 2008, VBUF, DIN 45684-1, BUF) and European (ECAC. CEAC. Doc. 29 2nd and Directive EU 2015/996 (CNOSSOS-EU-Adaptation) rules and regulations
  • Calculation of the equivalent continuous sound levels for day (LAeq, day) and night (LAeq, night) as well as the calculation of the frequency-maximum level criterion NAT (Lp, Schw) and the wake-up frequency Nawr (DLR study) at immission points and in the grid
  • Modeling according to the DES data acquisition system
  • Import/Export via QSI interface according to DIN 45687
  • Emissions database of all aircraft classes (AzB 1975+1983+1999, DIN 45684-1, ECAC.CEAC Doc 29 3rd Edition, BUF) with APU application and taxiing traffic
  • Determination of the day protection zones 1 and 2 and the night protection zone according to the law on protection against aircraft noise
  • Import and evaluation of radar data (FANOMOS) and immission calculations from radar recordings 

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