IMMI for Calculating Traffic and Rail Noise

IMMI is ideally suited for the calculation of traffic noise according to national standards and is convenient to use for structural planning according to EU-Directive 2002/49/EC – CNOSSOS-EU

Probably no other type of noise affects as many people as traffic noise, especially road traffic noise. The extent of the noise sources and the fact that the guideline values are on average 5 dB higher than for industrial noise in specific countries means that traffic routes have a large radius of impact.

Whether road, rail or waterway, we have mastered all traffic routes and this for almost all country-specific regulations.

Especially in the planning of new traffic routes, IMMI can demonstrate its strengths: the fast calculation of large-scale models, the comparison of different variants, the input assistance for emission values or the automated height calculation of noise barriers – to name only a few advantages.

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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Denise Müller