IMMI for calculating the glare effect of photovoltaic systems

With the programme package you can calculate the glare of solar plants, PV plants or other glare objects according to the German Federal Immission Control Act (Bundesimmissionschutzgesetz)

Solar rays on PV systems can cause reflections and these can lead to dangerous glare. This impairs the safety of road users, especially in road traffic. In order to minimise this danger, the legislator stipulates that the glare effect of installations must be kept as low as possible structurally - this applies above all to solar installations that are often built near interurban roads.

With the IMMI programme package for calculating the glare effect, you are given the opportunity to calculate and test various measures for minimising the glare effect as early as the construction planning stage for such installations. IMMI also makes it just as easy to optimise the glare effect of existing installations.

That is why the calculation of the glare effect with IMMI succeeds smoothly

  • Intuitive user interface with numerous import interfaces (DXF, ASCII, ArcGIS, OSM, XML, ...) and online map server for background images for the creation of the 3D model.
  • Modelling of terrain and solar modules - manually or by importing data
  • Creation of immission locations (example: eye level of car/truck drivers) manually or by means of macros (automated)
  • Creation of variant scenarios for easy comparison of existing or planned measures (hedges, walls)
  • Tabular and graphical output of all input data and calculation results
  • Calculation of total glare duration in minutes, number of glare days, average glare duration in minutes, day of maximum glare, maximum glare duration in minutes, first and last glare time and day of first and last glare
  • Detailed day-by-day listing of the results, e.g. when glare days are to be expected at the respective immission location
  • Display of the angle between sun and reflector: shows the angle between sun and reflected sun at the respective module
  • Each solar module shows the number of glare minutes for individual measures
  • 3D display

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